DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos

DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos
Experience an exciting new adventure in the DC universe with DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos and join forces with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman to take on some of the most dangerous Super-Villains.


Publisher : Outright Games Platform : Nintendo Switch
Developer : Undefined Origin : USA
Genre : Action / Adventure Title ID : 0100157015DD8000
Size : 8GB Cartridge Serial : LA-H-A5ULA
Date : March 2023 Format : 44x100MB / XCI


English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

In this action-packed game, you’ll have the freedom to play your way through thrilling missions, challenging fights, and daring challenges as you battle Mr. Mxyzptlk, a powerful prankster from the 5th Dimension.

As you suit up as your favorite Super Heroes, including Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, you’ll unlock elemental attacks and iconic moves like Superman’s Heat Vision, Wonder Woman’s Truth’s Pull, and Batman’s exploding Batarangs.

Explore Happy Harbor and complete heroic side missions to uncover clues that lead you to villains, bounties, and secret locations.

Collect and upgrade your custom outfits and 30 powerful attack and defense items, including Green Arrow’s Bow and Raven’s Cloak, with the Artifacts of Justice.

Get ready to become the hero Happy Harbor deserves and save the DC universe from chaos!



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