King Jister 3

King Jister 3
A classic medieval point-and-click first-person adventure.


Release Date May 8, 2023
Image Format NSP
Game Version 1.0
Required firmware 15.0.1



Introducing King Jister 3, the third chapter in the classic point-and-click adventure series for Nintendo Switch™! Set in a medieval castle, you must take on the role of a brave hero on a mission to rescue your beloved Ariabel from the evil clutches of King Jister.

Explore numerous locations, solve logic puzzles, and interact with characters to progress through the story. With a variety of items at your disposal, use your wits and cleverness to navigate the castle’s catacombs and uncover its many secrets.

Originally created in 1994 as a text adventure game, King Jister has since evolved and expanded into a popular series with a loyal fan base. The third chapter can be played as a standalone point-and-click adventure or enjoyed as part of the larger series.

As you embark on your quest to save Ariabel, immerse yourself in the rich history and lore of the King Jister universe. The game includes full English voice-overs and English and Czech subtitles.

One fine day (according to the hourglass, the year is 1328), unknown messengers of King Jister kidnapped your beloved. You were in a very useless state, so you could not defend her. After the messengers left, the story of our game begins. The goal is to avenge Ariabel and rescue her from the clutches of King Jister.

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